Three Easy-Peasy Ways To Get Dental Implants For Less

Dental implants may be the more preferred way to get a natural-looking smile, but the costs associated with this cosmetic dental procedure are sometimes more than what patients can afford. To make matters worse, dental implants are often deemed an optional procedure by medical insurance companies, which often means that the biggest part of the expense will not be covered under your traditional insurance policy. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you may be able to get the dental implants you want without paying the full cost. Here are three things that you should consider that may help you save a great deal on the end costs of dental implants.

1. Join a Dental Discount Club - While your insurance may not cover the costs of implants, coverage extended by a dental discount club or organization just might. These dental care membership services can be found for as little as $100 per year and cover services that are often disregarded by traditional dental plans, such as dental implants. Even though you may have to see a network provider that is affiliated, being a member gives you a cost advantage over other patients and can usually help you save money.

2. Consider Traveling to a Different Location - Dental implant costs can vary a great deal depending on where you are on the map. If you really want to get a huge discount, traveling abroad for dental implants is an option, as the cost of dental care in other countries can be significantly less. In 2012, at least 400,000 Americans traveled abroad for cheaper dental care alternatives, and there are many reputable implant dentists in other countries who can help you find what you want at a lower cost.

3. Contact a School of Dentistry - There are schools of dentistry in 35 states across the country, and all of these schools need willing patients in order to train their up-and-coming dental students. If you have the convenience of being geographically close enough to one of these schools, make sure that you give them a call and inquire about their cosmetic dental programs that may be looking for new patients. You may be able to get implants during a training procedure and save yourself a lot of money.

At a cost of sometimes more than $4,000 per prosthetic tooth, you may think that dental implants are out of reach. However, make sure that you talk to an implant dentist near you to find out if there are ways that you may be able to get a new smile for a lot less than what you expect.

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