Smart Choices While Eating Out: Prevent Cavities With These 4 Dental-Friendly Drinks

Even with a plethora of beverage options available when eating out, you may have difficulty finding drinks that aren't bad for your teeth. Most soft drinks, with their sugary and acidic contents, increase your likelihood of developing cavities. But there are still many dental-friendly beverage options that you can incorporate into your diet before your next dental clinic visit. The next time you go out to eat, order one of the four beverages below to reduce your risk of getting cavities.

1. A Quick Cuppa (Tea)

After you bravely inform the server that you don't want soda, you may still wish to get a drink with a similar amount of caffeine. If that's the case, you can't go wrong with a simple cup of tea. The average cup of green tea contains around 24-45 mg of caffeine, which is about the same amount you'd find in a can of soda.

But, unlike soda, unsweetened tea is actually good for your teeth. That's because tea contains polyphenols that fight off oral bacteria. Just make sure your tea is free of sugar and acidic additives, such as lemon juice, which soften your tooth enamel and leave your teeth prone to decay.

2. Straight Black Coffee

If you find tea to be a little weak for your taste, you may want to choose coffee instead. Straight black coffee can help prevent tooth decay thanks to its ability to break down bacterial biofilms.

However, sweetened coffee drinks -- such as lattes and cappuccinos -- are often loaded with sugar, which feeds the bacteria that cause cavities. So drink your coffee black -- just the way your teeth like it.

3. Antioxidant-Packed Red Wine

If you're going out to eat in the evening, chances are you don't want to be getting wired on coffee, especially if you have to work the next morning. Fortunately, you can relax with a nice glass of red wine, which fights cavities thanks to its antioxidant effects. Just be sure to consume red wine in moderation.

4. Crisp, Refreshing H2O

If tea, coffee, and wine just aren't your thing, you can still protect your teeth while eating out by ordering a glass (or bottle) of refreshing water. It may not be the most exciting option, but plain water lacks additives that harm your teeth. Additionally, water often contains fluoride, which helps to protect your teeth from cavities.

When going out to eat, you'll likely find yourself looking at a menu filled with beverages that are bad for your teeth. Avoid or limit consumption of these harmful drinks, and protect your pearly whites by choosing one of the healthy beverage options listed above. These smart choices will help keep your teeth (and your dentist) happy!