3 Mistakes To Avoid While Cleaning Your New Dentures

If you have recently received new dentures, you may wonder if you are cleaning them the right way so that you can keep from damaging them. If so, below are three mistakes you want to avoid while cleaning and taking care of your new dentures.

Forgetting to Put a Towel Down

One mistake that could lead to broken dentures is forgetting to put a towel down over the area, usually the bathroom sink, where you are cleaning your dentures. The towel acts as a cushion if you were to drop your dentures. If it is not there, the impact of the false teeth on the hard surface could crack or shatter them.

Before you take your dentures out, fold a towel twice to make it extra thick. Then, lay it over the sink. While it may not provide 100-percent protection from breakage if you drop the dentures, the towel greatly reduces the risk of breaking them.

Brushing the Dentures Too Hard

Another mistake that you should keep from making while you are cleaning your dentures is using too much pressure while brushing them. Unlike natural teeth that have roots anchored inside the gums, the teeth on your dentures are more sensitive to hard brushing. Also, brushing too hard with a firm-bristled toothbrush could scratch the surface.

When you brush your dentures, use a soft-bristled brush. As you are brushing, do so using small circles with light pressure. The scrubbing action should be enough to remove any stuck-on food.

Using Bleach to Remove Stains

You may have heard from a friend or read online that you can use bleach to soak any stains on your dentures. However, you should never use bleach, diluted or otherwise, as a soak for your dentures.

Since household bleach is a harsh chemical, it can break down the surface of the teeth, as well as deteriorate the bond between them and the plate. If you are unsure of how to remove the stains on your dentures, ask your dentist what they would like for you to use. They can give you ideas for cleaners that will not damage the dentures.

Avoiding the above mistakes while taking care of your dentures can help them last longer. If you have any questions about the ideal way to take care of your new dentures, discuss your concerns with your dentist who can give you personalized advice, as well as recommendations for cleaning products to use, or visit websites like http://www.bristoldental.com for more information.