3 Things to Know about Intra-Oral Cameras in Dentistry

Dentistry is a field that has been around for a very long time, and dentists continue to create new technology to help them find and treat oral problems more successfully and effectively. One of the newer types of technology some dentists use is called an intra-oral camera. Here are three things you should know about this newer type of camera used by many dentists today.

What is an intra-oral camera?

An intra-oral camera is a device that is handheld and is small enough to fit in your mouth. It is tied to a monitor where the dentist can see the video footage or pictures that the small camera takes. Dentists can use intra-oral cameras for a variety of different purposes, and they are helpful for many reasons.

What can an intra-oral camera see?

The good news about an intra-oral camera is that it can see so many different things in your mouth. Your dentist might begin by examining your fillings. The camera will allow the dentist to see your fillings from different angles to make sure they are safely in place and fully protecting your teeth. The camera also allows dentists to find tooth decay or cracks and other problems on your teeth, even if they are in hard-to-see areas of your mouth. Your dentist can also get a close look at any sealants you may have on your teeth to make sure they are not worn away.

What are the benefits of intra-oral cameras?

There are several key benefits offered by intra-oral cameras. The first one is that it allows dentists to see inside your mouth more clearly. The result of this is that your dentist will be able to find problems in your mouth that he or she normally may not be able to find. Secondly, you can see exactly what the dentist sees simply by looking at the monitor of the footage. Another benefit is that this camera might help you save money and bigger problems in your mouth. If your dentist finds small problems and fixes them, the small problems will never turn into large problems. This means it will cost less for you to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Intra-oral cameras help dentists find problems early on, which is very helpful for saving teeth and preventing further oral problems. If you have questions about this for yourself or other members of your family, contact a family dentistry service today.