What to Expect at Your Initial Orthodontic Visit

Orthodontic treatment can help correct bite problems, issues with the temporomandibular joint, and crooked teeth. Regardless of the issue that you are experiencing, before you obtain treatment, you must attend your first orthodontic visit.

Here is a bit of information about what you can expect from your initial evaluation.

A Bite Test

During your first appointment with your orthodontist, the dental professional will likely measure your bite. The bite is the way that the teeth of your upper palate connect with those of your lower palate when your mouth is closed.

As the orthodontist tests your bite, they can identify any problems that require correction. To help ensure the accuracy of the bite evaluation, the orthodontist may take digital photos to review for abnormalities.


It can be difficult to fully inspect the teeth without the help of X-rays. The X-ray images reveal the state of the natural crowns of the teeth. However, they also display the state of the dental roots and other components of the mouth that may be hidden  

The provider can even take a panoramic X-ray of your oral cavity to determine whether some unerupted permanent teeth or teeth are simply missing. X-rays can also reveal the state of your jawbones and whether or not they are healthy enough to withstand the force of braces or other appliances.

Dental Molds

The orthodontist may also create an impression of your mouth. The mold is formed as you bite down on an alginate-filled tray. The resulting impression can confirm the current placement of your teeth.

Treatment Plan

Based on their findings, the orthodontist will create a treatment plan for the correction of your teeth. Treatment applications, such as clear plastic aligners and braces, may be used to reposition the teeth and correct the misalignment.

Once an effective course of treatment has been determined, the orthodontist can provide you with an estimated time for the start of your treatment. Some treatment options may require preparation that involves a dental laboratory, so immediate treatment may not be possible.

People who are treated with clear plastic aligners must wait for the lab to create the aligning trays. Since multiple sets of aligners are used in a specific order, each set of aligning trays that will be used to straighten the teeth should already be fabricated at the start of the treatment. 

To determine the treatment options that may be available for your orthodontic correction, schedule a consultation with services like Laveen Smiles.