Important Benefits Of Dental Crown Implants

If you are missing a tooth and would like to replace it, then you may be wondering about the best available options. While dental crown implants are just one solution among many, they are also one of the most popular options. They are attached to the jawbone by means of a small screw, which, thanks to advances in modern dentistry, can be done quickly and painlessly. Keep reading below to discover a few of the reasons why dental crown implants might be the best solution for your missing tooth.

Look and Feel

One of the best parts of a crown implant is that they do not stick out like a sore thumb. When people think of crown implants, many think of a stereotypical gold or silver crown. On the contrary, many modern crown implants are custom-made from titanium and then coated with veneer of porcelain. This means that they both look and feel like any other real tooth. In fact, after you have completed the implant procedure, you are encouraged to brush and floss your new tooth as you would any other.

Everyday Convenience

Whether it is an incisor, a molar, or a canine tooth that needs replacing, a dental crown implant can vastly improve the ease of everyday tasks. These include things as fundamental as chewing and speaking, which can both be made surprisingly more difficult when even a single tooth is gone. Perhaps the most convenient aspect of implants is that there is no need to treat them any differently than a normal tooth, so there are hardly any restrictions on what you can eat or drink.

Long-Term Health

Even if your missing tooth is not bothering you on a daily basis, it is worth it to invest in an implant. It is important to think about your dental hygiene holistically; without a dental crown implant, you may be put at an increased risk of everything from gum disease to jawbone deterioration. If these set in, then you can be faced with problems that are much more serious than just a missing tooth. Think of a dental crown implant as a strong, new beam helping to hold up a roof. While it might not constitute the entirety of a support system, it is an important part of the whole. Be sure to consult with your dentist about how a crown implant can provide the dental support you need.