Periodontal Disease Information For Dental Patients

Periodontal disease can be a dental issue that many patients will find themselves needing to treat. Unfortunately, this is a condition that is often not appreciated sufficiently based on the problems that it can cause for patients.

Good Dental Hygiene Can Help To Reduce The Risk Of Developing Periodontal Disease

Sound dental hygiene is one of the most important steps for protecting yourself against periodontal disease. By being diligent with cleaning your teeth and gums, you can minimize the ability of gum disease to develop. Severe gum disease is often a leading cause of periodontal disease as this can allow bacteria and infection to penetrate deep into the gums and to the jaw bone itself. Sound dental hygiene practices can drastically reduce your chances of developing this problem. However, this will involve both good brushing and flossing as well as visiting your dentist for regular cleaning visits. These visits can remove the materials that you may have missed.

Periodontal Disease Can Result In The Loss Of Your Teeth

Periodontal disease can be a serious problem due to the fact that this disease can cause the bones in the jaw to start to atrophy and weaken. Eventually, this can result in a patient suffering a loss of one or more of their teeth. Unfortunately, this disease can be difficult to treat once it reaches this point, and this can limit a patient's ability to save their teeth. Once one tooth has been lost, the process may accelerate due to the neighboring teeth shifting positions. As a result, many patients with advanced periodontal disease will find that they need to invest in a set of dentures. These individuals will rarely qualify for dental implants due to the extensive damage to the jaw bone.

There Are Numerous Treatment Options For Periodontal Disease

When a person is suffering from periodontal disease, there may be treatment options that can help to reduce the severity of this problem for a patient. For example, a dentist can perform a deep cleaning of the gum line to remove as much plaque and tartar as possible. This can significantly reduce the progression of this disease. Furthermore, there are mouthwashes that may be used to minimize the presence of bacteria in the mouth and to promote the healing of the gums. Catching periodontal disease when it is in the early stages can provide patients with the widest range of treatment options, which can help them to avoid this condition progressing into an advanced stage where tooth loss and other serious side effects can be expected.