What Your Child Should Eat After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom tooth removal can be a difficult surgery, but many children and teens undergo the procedure. The children who undergo this procedure need to be careful during the recovery process, as eating the wrong foods can cause irritation, inflammation, and slow healing that is more conducive to infection.

Is your pediatric dentist recommending wisdom tooth removal? Here's what foods you should serve your child after the procedure is over.

Your Child Needs a Soft, Liquid Diet

A soft diet of liquid foods is going to be best for your child's teeth. Soft foods will prevent the gums and teeth from getting irritated and painful.

Soup is going to be the best thing for your child after surgery. Soup is a great option because it is full of nutrition and can contain a variety of food groups. Just make sure that you avoid serving very hot soup so that it does not cause burns or irritation.

So, which other foods are acceptable? Anything your child doesn't have to chew will work. That means you can incorporate yogurt, mashed potatoes, eggs, pudding, smoothies, and ice cream into the mix. The cold foods will have the added benefit of relieving dental pain and soreness after the procedure.

Your Child Should Avoid Certain Foods

A variety of foods should be avoided after wisdom tooth surgery. These are foods that are going to cause irritation and pain.

For instance, your child needs to avoid hard foods for several days. They can actually damage the work that was done and lead to a slower healing time. This includes small, hard foods like seeds and nuts.

Avoid serving spicy foods as well. The spice can get into the wound and cause a serious amount of pain.

Citrus and acidic food is also painful. This means your child needs to avoid orange juice or lemonade, for instance.

You May Slowly Introduce Other Foods

As your child's teeth begin to heal, you can begin to introduce additional foods that are still slightly soft. They include toasted bread, soft fruits, and hot cereal. Small bites that require little chewing will be the key to recovery after wisdom tooth removal.

Talk to Your Pediatric Dentist for More Information

A pediatric dental clinic can provide more guidance about what kinds of foods your child should be eating. Your dentist can also provide more guidance about what kind of surgery is necessary as your child grows older.