Common Blunders To Avoid After Getting Dentures

Dentures are an excellent solution for replacing teeth lost due to age or an injury. They are aesthetically appealing, help restore confidence, and improve speech abilities and patterns. Moreover, the wearer gets to eat comfortably, and the shape of the face is maintained. 

After your denture services provider offers customized dentures, you should follow the guidelines they will share. This will ensure your dentures last longer and enhance their functionality. There are also blunders you should avoid. Some are shared below. 

Not Brushing Properly

When you get dentures, your dental expert will recommend brushing regularly as you would if you only had natural teeth. The fact that you are wearing partial or full dentures doesn't mean you shouldn't care for your gums, tongue, and teeth. 

So, ensure you brush twice daily and use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Use toothpaste with fluoride if you are wearing partial dentures. Also, brush the gums and tongue properly to eliminate harmful bacteria. Reducing your oral hygiene routine because of dentures will cause your dental health to deteriorate.

Not Soaking Dentures Overnight

Another blunder denture wearers make is to leave the dentures in the open air overnight. When you wear the dentures the next day, you will expose your dental system to bacteria. It's recommended that you use clean and sterile dentures. 

Besides, the material hardens overnight and breaks if you don't soak the dentures overnight. Even placing them in water hastily after you wake up won't be as effective as soaking them. Soak dentures every night to avoid wearing dirty dentures and exposing the mouth to germs.

Just get a clean container and fill it with water, then soak the dentures throughout the night. You may ask the dentist if you can soak the dentures in a cleaning solution instead of water.

Not Preventing Staining

Dentures need protection from stains, just like your natural teeth. Dentures get stains like natural teeth, so things like red wine, tea, and coffee should be avoided or taken in moderation. You should also avoid smoking or chewing tobacco. If the dentures get stained, be sure to talk to your dentist since using regular teeth whitening products may harm the dentures.

Not Visiting Your Dentist

After getting dentures, you will still need to visit the dentist regularly. This allows them to perform regular dental checkups and determine if the dentures need adjustment. Adjustments are necessary after the gums and jaw shrink, which can loosen the dentures. Also, inform the dentist if they feel uncomfortable, worn out, or damaged.

Reach out to a dental services clinic to learn more.