2 Examples Of Cosmetic Dentistry That Will Permanently Set You Apart From Others

If you want to be noticed or celebrate how unique you are, and your teeth and gums are healthy, choosing one or more examples of unusual cosmetic dentistry is an ideal way to do so. In recent years, body art and piercings have become more commonplace and as a result, new ways to express your individuality have been discovered. Examples include attaching permanent jewelry to your teeth and getting your teeth re-shaped to look like the fangs of a vampire.

Toddler Dental-Health Statistics: Follow These Tips To Keep Your Toddler's Teeth Healthy

Recent surveys have revealed that less than one-quarter of two-year-olds in the US have ever been to the dentist and 40 percent of children of ages 2 to 4 have one or more cavities. While it is normal for children and adults to get cavities from time to time, children so young should not be getting so many. If you are an expectant mother or currently have a baby or toddler, then follow these guidelines to ward off cavities and keep their teeth as healthy as they can be.

The Ins And The Unders Of Dental Implants: Understanding The Two Different Types Of Dental Implants

If you're considering dental implants, your dentist will usually tell you that there are two different options: under–the–gum implants and in–the–jaw implants. The one that is best for you depends on several different factors, including the health of your gums and your tolerance for complicated dental surgery. Read on to find out the key differences between under–the–gum implants and in–the–jaw implants. Under–the–Gum Implants The simplest kind of dental implants are those that are placed underneath the gums, but atop the bone.

Surprising Factors For An Attractive, Youthful Smile

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular ways for people to improve the appearance of their teeth. But the color of your teeth is just one part of the impression that they make. There are some surprising factors to having youthful, attractive teeth that complement your overall look. If you're considering having cosmetic work done to your teeth, make sure you discuss all the parts of your smile with your dentist.

5 Practical Reasons to Get Porcelain Veneers

You should feel confident in the quality of your smile. If you want to makeover your smile, make sure that you talk to your dentist about the available options. Here are five practical reasons to get porcelain veneers. Veneers can help improve your oral health. Porcelain veneers address a number of tooth deficiencies, including cracked or chipped teeth as well as slightly gapped teeth. Damaged and crooked teeth can be hard to clean effectively.