How Do You Know If You Need Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

Regardless of the person or how well they take care of their teeth, many individuals will deal with oral health concerns at some point during their lifetime. However, there are some individuals that face complex dental issues or many different types of challenges with their teeth. In these situations, full-mouth rehabilitation may be necessary. Unlike treatments that would normally target a single tooth or a few teeth, full-mouth rehab may involve several treatments and a more personalized approach.

The Dental Implant Process

If you have problems with your teeth, you may be curious about dental implants. Dental implants are a great way to replace teeth because they are durable and look natural. If you are considering dental implants, check out these steps you may have to take during the process. Teeth Removal Teeth may need to be removed for a variety of reasons, but some of the most common include: A tooth abscess, especially a recurrent abscess on the same tooth Severe trauma Severe decay Gum disease If you haven't already lost teeth but your dentist recommends extraction, expect a simple or surgical extraction.

What Causes Dental Fillings To Fall Out?

The average life span of a dental filling is about ten years. Unfortunately, not all fillings last as long as they should. Sometimes, fillings fall out without warning. If your filling has fallen out, don't panic. Book an appointment with your dentist. Your dentist can replace the filling. You and your dentist also need to determine why your dental filling fell out. Fillings fall out for many reasons, which this article will cover below.

Let Sedation Dentistry Take Your Anxiety Away

Millions of people are afraid to go to the dentist. Anxiety about dental visits can be devastating because it prevents those who need it the most from receiving the dental care they need. Sedation dentistry could be the answer those people have been searching for. For a run-down of the types of sedation available and what to expect, read on. Local Anesthetics Novocaine is seldom used because some people are allergic to it.

Frequently Asked Questions When Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Has your dentist informed you that it is time to have your wisdom teeth extracted? You likely will have the following questions about the procedure before it happens. Do Wisdom Teeth Need To Be Removed?  It is incredibly common for wisdom teeth to be extracted when they start to come in. That's because there is not typically enough room in the average person's mouth for the teeth to grow properly. They can grow at odd angles and cause discomfort, grow completely underneath the gums and cause pain, and cause impaction with surrounding teeth.