Proper Peridontal Disease Examinations Could Help A Patient Avoid Major Health Risks

Taking good care of one's teeth helps prevent the onset of serious dental problems such as periodontal disease. Most people fear losing their teeth, which is why they may opt to see the dentist regularly. Others may believe they can skip regular cleanings and checkups and assume advanced procedures such as gum transplants or other surgical solutions to their woes if things really do get bad. Such persons do not realize that there are other very serious conditions that might arise from poor dental hygiene.

Cleaning To Prevent Gum Disease Around Your Dental Implant

If you have recently worked with your dentist or oral surgeon to have a dental implant placed in your mouth, then you have likely gone through a fairly long and serious surgical process. Thankfully, the process allows you to have a permanent tooth that looks and acts like one of your natural ones. However, you will need to care for the tooth properly to make sure it remains strong and stable in your jaw.

2 Tips For Keeping Your Braces Bacteria Free After Corrective Jaw Surgery

If you are undergoing a surgery to get your jaw realigned, then your dentist will have already installed braces on your teeth. These braces are kept in during the surgery and are frequently worn for a time after the surgery. Wearing braces after corrective jaw surgery is designed to make sure that your jaw and bite both remain in alignment. Following the surgery, it is important to keep your braces clean.

3 Cosmetic Dental Procedures Inspired By The Joker

One of the most iconic movie and comic book characters of all time is The Joker. The evil clown has been featured in many different forms through the years. Along with his white skin and crazy hair, one of the more noticeable things about the Prince of Crime is his teeth. The Joker may do a lot of bad things, but his teeth are usually a positive highlight for the character.

2 Tips To Keep Your Upper Denture Free Of Bacteria Following A Lateral Pedicle Graft Surgery

A lateral pedicle graft procedure requires your dentist to make incisions on the parts of your upper jaw in order to place new tissue and bone. Once the procedure is done, your dentist may install an upper denture in your mouth as a way to protect your surgical sites. The upper denture gives your upper jaw a chance to heal without any issues. However, the upper denture can also become a source for bacteria buildup and growth if it is not monitored closely.