Reasons To Visit A Pediatric Dentist

Kids may be prone to dental diseases as their immunity isn't fully developed. Therefore, your child needs to visit a dentist regularly. While a general dentist may work for your child, consider contacting a pediatric dentist, and here's why.  Child-Friendly Environment Treating kids may be more challenging, especially if performing lengthy procedures. For instance, since kids lose concentration or get bored fast, they may get fussy during dental appointments. Fortunately, pediatric dental facilities are tailor-made for children.

Debunking 3 Common Myths About Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are transparent molds used to correct teeth misalignments. Unlike braces, clear aligners provide various benefits, such as the ability to remove them when eating. As a result, when you opt for clear aligners, there is no restriction on what you can eat.  Many people with teeth misalignments shy away from clear aligners due to various misconceptions. However, most of the misconceptions about clear aligners are untrue.  Here are the facts behind three of the most common misconceptions about clear aligners.

What Your Child Should Eat After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom tooth removal can be a difficult surgery, but many children and teens undergo the procedure. The children who undergo this procedure need to be careful during the recovery process, as eating the wrong foods can cause irritation, inflammation, and slow healing that is more conducive to infection. Is your pediatric dentist recommending wisdom tooth removal? Here's what foods you should serve your child after the procedure is over. Your Child Needs a Soft, Liquid Diet

What Makes A Dental Bridge Fall Out?

A good quality dental restoration follows the set and forget model. Your dentist sets the restoration into place, it looks and functions like a natural tooth rebuild or replacement, and then it's perfectly natural to forget it's even there. This is the case with dental bridges. There's some debate as to how long a dental bridge will last, and a lot of it depends on a patient's personal circumstances, but the consensus is (with proper care), you can expect your bridge to last around ten years (if not longer).

Periodontal Disease Information For Dental Patients

Periodontal disease can be a dental issue that many patients will find themselves needing to treat. Unfortunately, this is a condition that is often not appreciated sufficiently based on the problems that it can cause for patients. Good Dental Hygiene Can Help To Reduce The Risk Of Developing Periodontal Disease Sound dental hygiene is one of the most important steps for protecting yourself against periodontal disease. By being diligent with cleaning your teeth and gums, you can minimize the ability of gum disease to develop.